3 Ways to Turn Summer Reading into Pleasure Reading

Hey there, Shmoopers!

We know: you’re antsy for summer break. You can practically feel the sun on your shoulders and hear the ocean waves calling your name…

Oh wait. That’s just your teacher waking you up. (Come on, buddy. Third time this week.) What’s the wake-up call this time? Summer reading assignments. Yep, all you want to do is daydream about dropping a water balloon on your unsuspecting punk neighbor, and here comes Teach harshing your mellow.

Allow us to, uh, re-mellow that harsh. Here are a few tips for turning summer reading into pleasure reading.

Read your books on Shmoop.  

Whether you’re tackling Jane AustenFrederick Douglass, or just a particularly rich Edgar Allan Poe short story, our free eBooks will make sure you pick up what these authors are putting down—without getting a paper cut in the process.

Relate ’em to your life.

Newsflash: classic literature is classic for a reason—it’s relatable. If you can’t figure out how some dead white dude might understand your current sitch, find your favorite (or least favorite) book on Shmoop—and allow us to tell you why you should care. Plus, our guides will clear up any confusion, hit you with some analysis, and let you get back to summer fun ASAP.

Watch ’em on ShmoopTube.

When your eyes are worn out from reading (or maybe just the pool chlorine), switch gears and check out thousands of videos over at ShmoopTube, the lesser-known summer blockbuster. Our videos will help you preview and review all your texts without having to lift a finger. (Except to click that pesky play button.)

What’s on your summer reading list? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ShmoopSummerReading.

Stay cool,

Quote of the Week

“Oh! I am delighted with the book!
I should like to spend my whole life in reading it.”

~ Northanger Abbey

…said no one ever about summer reading.

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