6 Ways to Make the Best of a Snow Day

There’s nothing better than waking up and hearing those three magic words: School. Is. Closed.

But by lunchtime, you’re running out of things to do. You’ve already built every kind of snowman, snowwoman, and snowanimal you can think of. Your arm is tired from all the neighborhood snowball fights, and your tongue hurts from sticking it to a light pole—er, from all that hot chocolate. So…now what?

Curl up under your warmest blanket and head over to Shmoop for hours of fun (and—dare we say it—even a little productivity). Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

1. Spruce up your resume.

Might sound daunting, but with Shmoop’s Resume Builder, it’ll be way less painful than getting pelted with ice balls. Pinky swear.

2. Find the college of your dreams.

Use our College Planning Tool to find the college that’s right for you—and your bank account.

3. Drive your parents crazy by speaking in Shakespearean for the rest of the day.

Our Shakespeare Translator hath thee coverèd.

4. Learn everything there is to know about…everything.

Browse thousands of flashcards, and brush up on everything from astronomy to metonymy.

5. Finally answer the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Take our Careers Test to explore the possibilities. Unless, of course, you’re still set on becoming a superhero. In which case, get back to world-saving.

6. Rewatch all of Breaking Bad.

Or just take our free course on Breaking Bad as Literature. Just as good; less blood.

Stay warm, stay safe, and stay Shmoopy.

Quote of the Week

“In winter, we must protect one another,
keep each other warm,
share our strengths.”
A Game of Thrones

Keep Shmooping to avoid the white walkers: winter is coming.

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