8 New Year's Resolutions that Would Have Changed Everything

Posted by Shmoop on 1/10/19 8:00 AM
Happy 2019, Shmoopers!

It's only been a week, and we're already feeling the pressure of our New Year's resolutions. So instead of dwelling on our very real and very hard-to-stick-to goals, we've decided to travel to the world of the imaginary.

We've come up with a list of New Year's resolutions that some of our favorite literary characters probably should have made. Sure, these resolutions would have changed the endings...but the stories would've been a lot less bleak.

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8 New Year's Resolutions that
Would Have Changed Everything


1.  J. Alfred Prufrock
"This year, I resolve to suck it up and just eat the peach."

2. Winston Smith
"This is the year I conquer my fear of rats."

3. Captain Ahab
"I vow to get past that whole white whale hang-up I have."

4. Ethan Frome
"This is the year I move to California."

5. Meursault 
"Cette année: no shooting people on the beach."

6. Jay Gatsby
"I've spent way too many years hung up on Daisy. It's time to move on."

7. Winnie-the-Pooh
"Oh bother. I guess this year I'll try not to stick my head in so many small spaces."

8. Victor Frankenstein
"This is the year I put aside my passion for science and read a few books instead."

Do you find it difficult to stick with your New Year's resolution? A year is a long time so here is a tip. Why not try breaking your resolution into smaller goals that are easier to take on and see results. They don't have to be as monumental as the resolutions we are imagining, either. Can you think of other New Year's resolutions that would have changed everything? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ShmoopYear. 


Shmoop Quote

"Some show a smile and some a frown; Some joy and hope, some pain and woe:
Enough! Oh, ring the curtain down! Old weary year! it's time to go."


~ Robert Service, The Passing of the Year


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