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AP Spanish á la Shmoop: Shmoop Launches AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature Test Prep

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Shmoop Launches AP Art History Exam Guide

Shmoop Launches AP Physics B Exam Prep

Shmoop Offers New and Improved Guide to AP U.S. History

Shmoop adds AP Statistics

Shmoop Launches AP European History Guide

Shmoop Offers Test Prep for the ISEE

Shmoop Launches AP Environmental Science Guide

Shmoop Launches Pre-Algebra Worksheets and Quizzes

Shmoop Launches AP Human Geography: Map of the Human Heart

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Shmoop Wins Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

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El Shmoop Arrives: SAT and ACT Now En Español

Shmoop Adds (and then Multiplies) SAT and ACT Prep

El CAHSEE de Shmoop: Shmoop Launches CAHSEE Test Prep in Spanish

After-School All-Stars Partners with Shmoop to Deliver Information Literacy Curriculum to Middle School Students

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Biology à la Shmoop: Shmoop Launches Biotext, the New Life Form in Shmoopology

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Shmoop Launches Online CAHSEE Prep to Engage Struggling (and Bored) High School Students in California

Shmoop Launches AP Psychology and AP Macroeconomics prep courses

Shmoop Launches Online AP Calculus AB & BC and AP Microeconomics Exam Prep Courses

Shmoop Launches Online ACT Prep

The School District of Philadelphia Teams Up with Shmoop to Provide Online Test Prep

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