Are You Smarter Than a Shmooper?

Posted by Shmoop on 1/20/19 7:00 AM

Ready to test yourself to see if you're smarter than a Shmooper? We've gathered four questions (and answers—you're welcome) from some of our favorite premium online courses and test prep. 

Be warned, though: some are tougher than others. If you get stuck or want to learn more about the topic covered in the question, simply click the associated link to go to the course.*

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are you smarter than a shmooper


Shmoop Questions: 

1 .Wheat and barley can be traced back to early farming in Syria 9,000 years ago. There's also evidence that _____ were cultivated even earlier.

Middle School History: Ancient Civilizations—Semester A

A) apples
B) figs
C) cherries
D) oranges



2. What is a major difference between communism and socialism? Animal Farm

A) Marx was a socialist, Engels was a communist.
B) There are no differences.
C) Socialists can elect government officers and own private property; communists cannot.
D) Socialists tend to be more peaceful than communists. 



3. Which of the following is a physical effect of stress? 8th Grade Health

A) Not being able to concentrate
B) Having anxiety about the future 
C) Weakened immune system
D) Withdrawing and wanting to constantly be alone



4. Bonus Finance Question — Series 7 Exam Prep (stockbrokers take this test to get a license to trade)

What is Zero Uptick?


Find Out If You Are Smarter than a Shmooper

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