Are You Smarter Than a Shmooper?

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Ready to test yourself to see if you're smarter than a Shmooper? We've gathered four questions (and answers—you're welcome) from some of our favorite premium online courses and test prep. 

Be warned, though: some are tougher than others. If you get stuck or want to learn more about the topic covered in the question, simply click the associated link to go to the course.*

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are you smarter than a shmooper


  Shmoop Questions: 

1. A mixture of sugar and water will create what? 5th Grade Science 

A) a colloid.

B) a liquid.

C) a solution.

D) suspension.



2. How can we translate the sentence "Twelve times the sum of the square root of n and two" as an algebraic expression? Algebra II - Semester A

A) 12 × 2√ n 

B) 12 × √ n + 2

C) 12( n + 2)

D) 12(√( n ) + 2)



3. Which of the following is a good technique to diffuse anger? 8th Grade Health

A) Take a few deep breaths until you've calmed down. 
B) Kick the wall, the door, the cat…anything that will put up a fight.
C) Write an angry rant on Facebook for all to see.
D) Yell at the first person that crosses your path.



4. Bonus Finance Question — Series 7 Exam Prep (stockbrokers take this test to get a license to trade)

You set up a Mom 'n' Pop convenience store with your spouse. (It would be cool if you both were, in fact. parents, but whatever.) Assuming no other facts, what kind of business entity would this be?

A) Sole proprietorship

B) Partnership

C) Limited Partnership

D) Corporation


Find Out If You Are Smarter than a Shmooper

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