Are You Smarter Than a Shmooper?

Posted by Shmoop on 2/24/19 12:12 PM

Ready to test yourself to see if you're smarter than a Shmooper? We've gathered four questions (and answers—you're welcome) from some of our favorite premium online courses and test prep. 

Be warned, though: some are tougher than others. If you get stuck or want to learn more about the topic covered in the question, simply click the associated link to go to the course.*

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are you smarter than a shmooper



Shmoop Questions: 


1. A mixture of sugar and water will create...what?  5th Grade Science

A) a colloid
B) a liquid
C) a solution
D) suspension



2. Which of the following would be considered a psychological trauma? 8th Grade Health

A) Bullying 
B) Natural disasters
C) All of these
D) Physical or sexual assault


3.Which of the following first used the scientific method to study human behavior and is generally considered the founder of Western psychology? AP Psychology Semester A

A) Erik Erikson
B) Edward Titchener
C) Wilhelm Wundt
D) B. F. Skinner
E) G. Stanley Hall


4. Bonus College Question — Principles of Management

This course has been recommended for ACE CREDIT®, which means it is considered for credit at thousands of colleges and universities across the country. For more information, click here.

Noah has just been hired as a manager for a newspaper office. However, upon hire, they mention that he needs to improve his ability to lead by example, as well as to be a good go-between when there is conflict between his subordinates. Which category of Mintzberg's roles does Noah need to improve in?

A) Informational 

B) Managerial 

C) Interpersonal

D) Decisional  


 Are Smarter Than a Shmooper? Let's Find Out.

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