Are You Smarter Than a Shmooper?

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Ready to test yourself to see if you're smarter than a Shmooper? We've gathered four questions (and answers—you're welcome) from some of our favorite premium online courses and test prep. 

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are you smarter than a shmooper


 Shmoop Questions


1. Which of the following statements on the issue of civil rights is inaccurate? 5th Grade Social Studies 


A) Southern plantations were still being worked by people of color, who were paid extremely low wages. 
B) African Americans worked hard to change racial inequalities during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.
C) Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Coretta Scott King are celebrated individuals who dedicated their lives to racial equality.
D) Fair laws in the early 1960s made it possible for white and black people to attend the same schools, go to the same restaurants, and drink from the same water fountains.



2. Which of the following is not an example of mental illness? 8th Grade Health

A) Influenza 
B) Dissociative Identity Disorder
D) Schizophrenia



3. The process by which an infant develops the ability to use her muscles, coordinate her movements, hold things, and walk is called what? AP Psychology Semester B

A) Cognitive development
B) Sexual development
C) Motor development
D) Psychological development
E) Social development


4. Bonus College Question — Economics 101

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We have an internet business selling scarves for giraffes. It costs us $3.00 to produce each scarf (someone’s gotta pay for the yarn), so we charge $5.00 per scarf, which is a steal. Giraffes have really long necks, in case you didn’t know. Anyway, our fingers are sore from knitting all the scarves ourselves, so we decide to spend $1,000 on a machine to knit them for us. How many scarves do we have to sell before we start making a profit?

A) 100
B) 200 
C) 500
D) 1,000




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Are Smarter Than a Shmooper? Let's Find Out. 

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