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Below are four questions and answers taken from Shmoop's premium online courses. These questions are of varying degrees of difficulty. If you get stuck or want to learn more about the topic covered in the question simply click the associated link to go to the course.*

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are you smarter than a shmooper

Shmoop Questions:


1. What is the opposite of 9?  6th Grade Math Semester A 

A) 18

B) -9

C)  None of these

D) 0

2. Which one is a pinyin initial? Chinese I Semester A 

A) o 
B) a
C) m
D) e

3. Janet is entering early adulthood. Physically and mentally, Janet is AP® Psychology—Semester B

A) Cleaning the garage.
B) A body made of cells organized into tissues, organs, and organ systems.
C) Making ice cubes.
D) A bonfire.

4. Form refers to an artwork's ____, while function refers to its ____ .  AP Art History Semester A


A) shape; design

B) visual elements; purpose

C) unity; emphasis

D) content; context


Answers This Way

Topics: Literature

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