Picture This: Shmoop Now Has Photo Slideshows in Literature, US History, and Civics

Posted by Shmoop on 5/14/10 5:24 PM

Today we unveiled an awesome new addition to all of our US History and Civics Learning Guides, and to more than 40 of our most popular Literature Learning Guides.

Photo Slideshows. An all-you-can-eat buffet, unbuckle-your-belt-cuz-you're-about-to-explode visual feast for your eyes and your mind.

Look for these photo slideshows on the new "Photos" tab in US History, Civics, and in many of our Literature Learning Guides.

Find our Photo Slideshows:

Some of our favs:

Wait, there's more! You can grab a mini Slideshow and post it right on your blog or website (just like you might embed a YouTube video). Check out some examples of the minis...

From Shmoop US History


Or, from Shmoop Literature...

And from the Shmoop Civics department...

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