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Posted by Shmoop on 6/25/10 4:41 PM

Shmoop Launches Economics Curriculum and Games

Aims to Prepare Tomorrow’s Workforce by Making Economics Fun and Relevant

Today, we're opening up the beta test of our newest creation, Shmoop Economics.

Some may think Economics is a dry subject. We say, "what's not to love?" Money, power, making difficult decisions, building new businesses, putting food on your plate and creating prosperity for the world. Econ is awesome!

We have a number of Shmoop firsts with this new subject.

  • Games! Yep, we've created role-playing games that put you in the hot seat. Try our Corporations and Stocks Game and see if you can beat the market.
  • Notches! We've hidden a number of these in our Econ Games - each Notch is a cartoon that you can post on your Shmoop profile. Shmoop is all about learning, loving, and experiencing life. Notches help commemorate these experiences.
  • Current Events! Every key concept (under the "Analysis" section) includes a passage that takes the concept out of textbook-land and into the real world.
  • Music Videos! Sing it loud. Sometimes a song says it best. What better way to remember opportunity costs than the post-punk classic “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” by The Clash?

Beta testers - please let us know what you think of Shmoop Econ! Take our Beta tester survey. Enjoy!

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