We Did the Math. Shmoop Pre-Algebra is Here!

Posted by Shmoop on 8/11/10 11:42 AM

Today, we unveil our tenth (!!!) subject area on Shmoop...

NEW: Shmoop Pre-Algebra

This is our first foray into math-land. We think we're gonna like it here, so stay tuned for mo' math, mo' (practice) problems to come.

Shmoop Pre-Algebra has 100s of topics with succinct explanations, diagrams, interactive examples, practice problems, and real-world applications.

We'll do whatever it takes to make math understandable and fun for students. Want to get hooked on basic geometry? Try a video of snowboarder Shaun White practicing his Double McTwist 1260 before the Vancouver Olympics.

3! Reasons Why Shmoop Pre-Algebra Rocks

  1. Do the math: it’s free
  2. Learn why percents are “crush-worthy”
  3. Gorge on Olympics, money, and pizza (our favorite examples for math problems)
  4. Click through hundreds of practice problems with step-by-step examples and hints
  5. See the math, be the math (we use diagrams and pictures galore, hold the overly-wordy explanations)
  6. Apply your new-found skills by estimating the trees saved by going digital

Shmoop Pre-Algebra is now available for free online at:

We've broken it down into 6 Learning Guides:

Let us know what you think about Shmoop Pre-Algebra... Take our survey. Please.

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