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Posted by Shmoop on 8/27/10 3:10 PM

PSAT Test Prep is here!

And at $24.68 per student, we're making a statement: high-quality test prep for college entrance exams should be affordable for all families.

Shmoop is almost certainly the only source for rigorous PSAT preparation that uses examples ranging from Mario Brothers to the history of Coca-Cola to “I am the Walrus.”

Shmoop Online PSAT Prep, by the numbers:

  • 43 References to Tetris and other old-school video games
  • 701 Practice Problems in PSAT Reading, Writing, and Math
  • 3 full-length timed Practice Exams with interactive scoring
  • 47 In-Depth Review Topics
  • 10 Shmoop t-shirts awarded to students who rack up the most Shmoints by successfully completing Drills and Practice Exams

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