Shmoop Launches Online SAT Prep for the Video Game Set

Posted by Shmoop on 9/14/10 11:35 PM

Today we announced the launch of Shmoop Online SAT Prep, where students will slay mini-bosses, ford rivers, and shoot buffalo (don’t worry, this will all make sense in a minute). At $23 per student, Shmoop makes SAT Prep affordable for all families.

“Many SAT Prep courses are about as stimulating as a bottle of NyQuil,” said Ellen Siminoff, CEO of Shmoop. “Shmoop offers expert SAT Prep that speaks students’ language. And that language is video games.”

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Shmoop uses beloved video games like Oregon Trail, Tetris, and Mario Bros. as metaphors for various challenges that students will face (and overcome!) on the SAT.

In fact, Shmoop SAT Prep is itself a bit of a game. Students earn Shmoints (Shmoop points, in case that wasn’t obvious) for correctly completing portions of the SAT Prep course. Top Shmoints scorers will win Shmoop t-shirts.

500 Shmoop Vocabulary words. Each vocab word has a definition, memory trick, and sample contextual sentences. Regard:

  • Mandate (n.): the host gave a mandate that poker night was a “man date” – no girls allowed
  • Nautical (adj.): people in NAUTical careers use NAUGHTy language, hence the saying “swear like a sailor”
  • Bilk (v.) The playground bully bilked Bill out of his chocolate milk.

Shmoop SAT Prep by the Numbers:

  • 1006 practice problems in SAT Reading, SAT Writing, and SAT Math
  • 3 full-length interactive practice exams
  • 502 vocab terms with definitions, quirky memory devices, and sample sentences
  • 52 in-depth review topics
  • 10 Shmoop t-shirts awarded to students who rack up the most Shmoints

Group Rates for Schools and Districts

Shmoop now offers ridiculously affordable group rates for schools and districts who want a site license. Deets at

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For people looking for that low cost, high quality, no hassle, low stress, get-you-ahead-in-life kind of opportunity. 

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