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Posted by Shmoop on 8/30/11 10:44 AM

While you were tanning your buns at the beach, Shmoopers (who are pale even at the end of August) were hard at work in the mountain shafts mining literary gems for your intellectual consumption.  Some nuggets we proudly present to you in honor of your first weeks back.

From the Young Adult Files:

The Graveyard Book is the story of Nobody “Bod” Owens, an orphan who is raised in a graveyard by dead people and supernatural beings. As you might have already guessed, the author admits that he was really, really into The Jungle Book.

From Lit:

Love in the Time of Cholera seems infinitely relatable to the high school condition. Even as the characters in the novel age, their thoughts, feelings, and interactions are so familiar to us. Florentino constantly has love on the brain.

Is there anything that will impress the ladies or gents more than a claim that you have actually read – and understood – the great masterwork of Western literature? Imagine cruising the night scene with some prepared segues: "Oh, really? That's very interesting. It's just like Tolstoy writes in War and Peace.”

From Bestsellers:

Here is the situation in Ender’s Game: After aliens attack Earth, the government decides to train some special kids in how to defeat the aliens. This training is done primarily through playing games.

From Poetry:

"The Charge of the Light Brigade" is a serious classic, one of the most famous war poems of all time. That means that generations of people have turned to this poem as a way to celebrate heroism.

From Shakespeare:

Do you want that last bit of summer?

Like the modern-day romantic comedy genre it's helped to shape and influence, A Midsummer Night's Dream features young lovers who fall comically in and out of love in a ridiculously brief period of time (over the course of a single, enchanted midsummer night).

Of course, we have much beyond the world of lit.

For College:

Not counting on your stock market gains to pay for college? Nobody can. Check out Shmoop’s Guide to College Admissions, including financial aid and scholarships. Have Mom and Dad take a look at how to save for college while you are working on that application.

From History:

If you believe love is a battlefield, check out some new areas on Shmoop, which features, of course, battles:

In case you were curious about the battles we are still fighting, Shmoop takes a look at the War on Terror.

We also have our first foray into video. Let us know what we should do for our second.

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