Shmoop Announces the Birth of AP Biology

Posted by Shmoop on 12/5/11 8:59 AM

Shmoop, a not-boring-like-your-parents’-textbooks publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, announces the launch of Shmoop AP Biology at  Shmoop hovers a microscope over the origin and function of life without having to dissect innocent, albeit naïve, frogs.

Biology is not only about peering into the hearts (and souls) of pigs and frogs (an easy feat now in the digitally interactive age). In Shmoop’s newest guide, learn about the colorful building blocks of life – cells and CHNOPS – and find out why they are even cooler and more versatile than Legos. We have all the ins and outs of evolution. Chuck Darwin would be so proud.

Shmoop organizes key biology subjects into an easy-to-navigate structure. Some of the high notes:

  • Discover what legwarmers and sweatbands have to do with cellular respiration. Fat cells may have finally found immunity from all the name-calling.
  • Observe ATP's crafty investment and return strategies. We mean adenosine triphosphate, not the world tennis tour.
  • Learn why astronomers are more than mildly obsessed with finding water on other planets. It isn’t just that that someone keeps forgetting to fill up the Brita.
  • Improve your textspeak by acquiring more acronyms for the next 1,000 text messages. (“My NADH was so OOC this AM I feel like mRNA without a poly(a)tail! LOL OMG!”)

Shmoop makes the natural world both accessible and entertaining while covering everything from botany to molecular genetics.

Don’t know much biology? Find out what you’re made of with Shmoop’s guide to AP Biology.

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