Shmoop Launches Pre-Algebra Worksheets and Quizzes

Posted by Shmoop on 12/19/11 8:26 AM

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, announces the launch of its expanded free Pre-Algebra resource at

Many studentws might regard math as their sworn enemy. The mere mention of a Cartesian Coordinate System may cause toes to curl. The concept of a box and whisker plot may be nothing more than a plan for keeping litter off the carpet.

Shmoop to the rescue. The new Pre-Algebra section starts with the most basic fundamentals and focuses on making algebra fun, easy and – for the most part – painless. The section provides a number of worksheets and quizzes designed to steer even the most fervent algebra-hater gently and comfortably through the learning process. There is also an extensive glossary of terms and series of learning guides covering everything from Basic Operations to Ratios and Percentages to Basic Algebra. Once a student has gone through and studied all of the material, they’ll be able to identify alternate exterior angles like nobody’s business.

A student will also be able to quickly and confidently solve any of the problems below:

  • Poppy has five dresses, four hoodies and three pairs of shoes to choose from. How many different outfits can she make from these choices (no matter how hideous they might be)?
  • In a recent survey, two-thirds of people questioned preferred Wired Energy Drink to Awake Soft Drink. If 732 people were surveyed, how many preferred Awake? (Assuming they were all able to respond before crashing and conking out.)
  • Ambiance, which sells jeans, is having a great sale. All jeans are one-third off the original price. You find a great pair for $79.50. How much are the jeans after the discount, assuming there is no sales tax?
  • The Krispy Kreme "hot" light is on! A customer buys a dozen doughnuts for $7.50 and then stop at Starbucks and get three lattes for $8.85. The sugar happy consumers is splitting this treat with two friends. How much does each of them owe? And do they really need more sugar after downing all those Wired Energy Drinks?
  • A student is a master procrastinator. Easily wasting one-fourth of an hour on Facebook, one-third of an hour chatting with friends, and one-fifth of an hour on iTunes. How many minutes (of that precious hour) are left to do homework?
  • In 1901, Cy Young had a Strikeout/Base on Balls (walk) ratio of 4:1. If he struck out 160 hitters, how many total strikeouts and walks did Cy Young have that year?

The tools with which a student will be equipped after mastering Pre-Algebra will prepare them for every other branch of mathematics they will ever encounter. Believe it or not, there may be a time that the student will long for the good ol’ days of simply having to pick out a geometric pattern or convert decimals to scientific notation. But by taking advantage of Shmoop’s helpful worksheets and quizzes, students will be setting yourself up for success now and in the future.

Get a jump on the compu-tition with Shmoop’s guide to Pre-Algebra.

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