Shmoop Launches AP Environmental Science Guide

Posted by Shmoop on 1/9/12 9:26 AM

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, announces today the launch of a new AP Environmental Science learning guide to help students prepare for the exam.

Are you concerned about the state of the Earth’s environment? Do you take reusable bags with you to the grocery store? (Bless you.) Do you go weeks without showering to conserve water? (Please don’t.)

Environmental science is all about learning how to fix our planet’s problems, whether we caused them ourselves or not. If you’re in the mood to get guilt-tripped by a class, or just want to help make this world a better place, you’re probably taking the AP Environmental Science exam (or APES, for those of us who think better in primate acronyms).

In addition to an overview that prepares the diligent for the length, content, and format of the test, the Shmoop guide to APES explores each topic on the exam in incredible detail. For now, here’s a brief overview of each subject:

●      Earth Systems and Resources. Volcanoes. Soil. Rocks. Those big ocean things. What has been here for millions of years, and what will be here for millions more?

●      The Living World. Ecosystems are ecointeresting. (Bada boom.) Learn the ins and outs of biological populations and the process of natural selection.

●      Population. We’re growing—not just individually (although that much is terrifyingly true), but as a species. How long can we keep consuming resources and destroying habitats before we run out of potatoes to slather with oil?

●      Land and Water Use. Let’s have a conversation about conservation. H2Oh no…

●      Energy Resources and Consumption. Why don’t fossil fuels live in a museum? What are the safest and most effective alternatives to using these limited resources? We’re thinking Soylent Green...but we hear that’s people, so maybe not.

●      Pollution. It’s nice that you want to have your friends over for a social gathering, but does it have to be an aerosol party? Learn ways how we can clean up our collective act—and our planet.

●      Global Change. Is it getting hot in herrrrrre? No? Just us?

Throughout the guide, Shmoop will answer some of your most burning questions:

●      How do I separate my Mesozoic from my Cenozoic?

●      How are scientists trying to genetically modify organisms? And will this engineering give pigs the penchant for flight they’ve always dreamed of?

●      Why do we need more than 1,200 varieties of banana? Exactly how big can that Chiquita woman’s hat get?

●      What does Black Friday have to do with survival of the fittest? Is this about getting in line early so you can be sure to snag the new Xbox?

Get the answers—and get in the (o)zone—with Shmoop’s new guide to AP Environmental Science.

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