Shmoop Launches AP Art History Exam Guide

Posted by Shmoop on 3/8/12 8:37 AM

Are you confident in your Kandinsky? An expert in Expressionism? Braggadocious about your Botticelli? (Hint: He’s an artist, not a type of pasta.)

If you want to make art history a part of your life – either to help you get into a particular university or program or just because you think colors are pretty – you’ll need to take the AP Art History exam. It is a three-hour beast that will test your recognition of images, knowledge of artists and movements, and even weasel a number of essays out of you. What it will not test is your ability to draw a highly detailed self-portrait. You may be the next Picasso, but that won’t help you here. In fact, it might even hinder you, especially if you start painting your own answer bubbles.

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, announces the arrival of a brand new addition to our AP test guide family. (It’s a girl!) Our AP Art History guide breaks down what you can expect to see on the test, and delves deeply into all material on which you are likely to be quizzed – everywhere from ancient Roman sculpture to your baby brother’s finger painting that your mother stuck to the fridge last spring. Okay, so there probably won’t be a question about that on the test. Still, it can’t hurt to know what classical finger painter served as his inspiration.

In this guide, you will:

  • Learn the difference between Rococo and Baroque. And Barococo, which isn’t really a thing.
  • Determine whether Renaissance babies really had creepily muscular triceps. Hey, maybe they just spent a lot of time on the crib press.
  • Figure out how many arches is too many arches. We’re looking at you, McDonalds.
  • See why AP Art History is like your high school yearbook, except with more naked people. Hopefully.
  • Finally discover the truth about what consumptive-looking men have to do with Romanticism. Because nothing says “sexy” like tuberculosis.

Ready to get your Post-Post-Modernist Hegelian Painterly Abstraction on? Then take a gander at Shmoop’s AP Art History It’s true that this test is a toughie, but if you don’t ace it the first time, you can always Gauguin.

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