Shmoop Launches Guide to the DMV

Posted by Shmoop on 5/17/12 10:16 AM

When each of us reaches the age of 16, we are submitted to a period of training, then given access to a lethal weapon and sent out into the world to try to survive. While, at the same time, many of our peers have been equipped with similar weapons. It’s like The Hunger Games, but about 2 million times scarier.

Okay, so the survival rate may actually be slightly higher when it comes to navigating our nation’s roadways. Still, you may need to make some split-second decisions out there that could ultimately save your life (or at least your insurance rates). And the more you know about the road rules (like don’t ever borrow your RVmate’s towel), the better prepared you will be to maneuver your way around that oncoming car that swerves at the last second. In the wise words of Maroon 5, “you have to move your Jaguar.”

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, announces the launch of the new DMV Guide. It’s so hot off the presses it even still has that “new guide” smell.

Inside you will learn:

  • Which three tests you will need to pass in order to obtain your license. Hint: none of them involve confronting any giant frogs. This ain’t Pan’s Labyrinth.
  • How to donate your organs and tissues. Believe it or not, some people frown on it when you are caught peddling kidneys at your neighborhood yard sale.
  • What all those crazy lights and signals mean. No, you are not being abducted by aliens on board a UFO. It’s just time to turn right.
  • Where it is legal or illegal for you to park. As a general rule, if you step out of your vehicle and people are shouting and gesturing at you, and scaffolding is falling down all around you, you may want to move your car.
  • How to drive in bad weather. Sometimes it isn’t just pedestrians who are hailing cabs.
  • Your rights as a driver. Not to mention your lefts.

If you don’t want to be cruisin’ for a bruisin’, Shmoop’s DMV Guide can help. It can put you on the road to success and will help you avoid the off-ramps to failure.

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