Shmoop Gives AP Biology an Extreme Makeover

Posted by Shmoop on 12/6/12 11:04 AM

Everything needs a good old-fashioned makeover now and again. Otherwise, it will grow stale and boring, and the world passes it by.

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and online test prep, is happy to announce that it has taken theAP Biology Guide and made it… prettier. However, it hasn’t just gotten a superficial, exterior overhaul. Shmoop’s Guide is now jam-packed with tasty new tidbits, helpful hints and remarkable resources. Doesn’t mean it can’t still be prom queen.

Shmoop’s new and improved Guide:
• Has been upgraded to the new College Board AP format to be implemented in the 2012-2013 school year. It’s the format of champions. You’d better believe it.

• Places a strong focus on the “Four Big Ideas of Biology.” Has a student ever asked, “Hey, what’s the big idea?” Shmoop will tell you. Plus, Shmoop gears its content toward understanding rather than memorization. So no more practicing the lines in the mirror.

• Includes two lab sections for each “big idea,” helping students increase the depth of their understanding. However, they won’t go so deep that anyone gets the bends.

• Offers a complete study guide, including practice exams, diagnostics and drills, all using the new four-answer choice format. So are you A) Excited about AP Bio’s new makeover, B) Eager to see what it has to offer, C) Totally skimming this release and not really paying much attention, or D) All of the above?

Check out Shmoop’s bigger, badder AP Biology Guide, and discover that a plant cell isn’t just a fern’s mobile phone.

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