Shmoop Has AP Tests Quaking in Boots

Posted by Shmoop on 4/18/13 10:40 AM

Those pesky AP® tests are back. Like a many-headed hydra, AP season is poised and ready to attack, trying to sabotage students with its wily ways… but 20 heads aren’t necessarily better than one.

Students can now slay the beast with access to a wealth of valuable AP guides and test prep materials. Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, is offering test-takers everything they need to make those exams get down on their scaly knees and beg for mercy.

Diagnostic exams to identify topics that need a little extra TLC (Terrified, Last-second Cramming). But why stop there? Shmoop also provides links to sections to review and drills to complete so students can pump a little cranial iron.

Updated answer explanations that are informative, engaging, and include about 100 percent more links to YouTube cat videos than ever before. Purr, baby, very purr.

Guides to every single AP exam. This includes the “Big Five” (English Literature, English Language, U.S History, Calculus AB, and Statistics) as well as the, uh… “Tiny Three” (Italian Language and Culture, Japanese Language and Culture, and Studio Art: 3-D Design Portfolio).

Guides to AP Calculus AB…and AP Calculus BC. Guides to AP Physics B…and AP Physics C. Guides to AP Microeconomics…and AP Macroeconomics. Guides to AP Spanish Language…and AP Spanish Literature and Culture. Shmoop goes so far above and beyond that they sometimes start to feel a little light-headed due to the change in atmospheric pressure.

Because there's no point in studying for an exam that doesn't actually exist, all of Shmoop’s guides are updated to meet the 2013 AP exam requirements. Sorry to anyone who was gearing up to take the AP Unicorns and Ponies exam.

Shmoop has been working tirelessly to keep their AP materials fresh, fun and funny. And just a little funky. (Probably shouldn’t have left them sitting out in the sun for so long.)

The best thing about this hydra? Once it loses one of its heads, it doesn’t regrow another one. Which is fantastic news, because talk about your severe cases of halitosis.

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