Shmoop Named Finalist in SIIA Innovation Incubator Program

Posted by Shmoop on 4/23/13 8:48 AM

An incubator doesn’t only hatch chickens. It also hatches ideas. Of course, ideas require less electrically controlled heat, so it’s gentler on the utility bill.

No one understands the importance of warmly nurturing hatchlings like the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). The association’s Innovation Incubator Program is designed to shine a spotlight on companies that are excelling in educating students with the use of new technologies, and to recognize and reward companies for valuable accomplishments.

But it’s not just a pat on the head and an emphatic, “Good boy!” SIIA personally provides mentoring for those entrepreneurs it deems to be on the cutting edge of online education.

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, has been named one of this year’s finalists. SIIA is recognizing Shmoop for its many innovations in learning technology, including the Shmoopsterpiece Theater, where students can learn about a variety of topics by watching fun, informative videos. The company’s test prep helps prepare students for the SAT*, ACT®, and all of the AP exams—in other words, all things college readiness. Additionally, personalized dashboards and diagnostics help students soak up knowledge like a Bounty-brand paper towel. It's called the quicker picker-upper for a reason.

Shmoop already reaches more than 1,000 schools and districts and has plans to grow even further. There aren’t any schools on Mars yet, but as soon as there are, Shmoop will be on it. There’s no reason that little green men shouldn’t have an opportunity to learn about trigonometric functions, too.

Shmoop looks forward to the mentoring process and is greatly appreciative of the guidance SIIA can offer as the site continues to expand its offerings and improve its online teaching methods. After all, you can’t make a chicken casserole without hatching a few eggs.

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