NFL and Super Bowl Trivia and History

Want to impress at your Super Bowl party this Sunday. Toss your artichoke dip recipe and check out Shmoop’s History of the NFL. Chock full of history and trivia that will spice up your viewing party even more than Uncle Denny’s 5-alarm chili.

A sample of Shmoop’s NFL and Super Bowl Trivia

  • There are fewer weddings in the United States on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year.
  • Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt, who first came up with the name “Super Bowl” in 1966, was inspired by the Super Ball, an extremely bouncy rubber toy that was his children’s favorite plaything at the time.
  • More than 30,000 tickets to the first Super Bowl went unsold, meaning the game was played before a stadium that was almost half empty.26

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Celebrate Poe and MLK with Shmoop

At Shmoop HQ, we get a little giddy over literature and history. Imagine our excitement when it hit us that this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (commemorating MLK’s 80th birthday) is also Edgar Allan Poe’s 200th birthday. Synchronicity. To mark this doubly-historic date, we lovingly put together these resources about two of our favorites – the spooky story-teller and the inspiring civil rights leader.

Edgar Allan Poe’s 200th Birthday

  • “Best in Poe” Awards – we handpicked the best Poe resources from across the Internet
  • Poe’s influences, and who he influenced
  • Photos and Poe biography
  • Shmoop’s ocean deep analysis of 5 of Poe’s stories and poems

Martin Luther King Jr.’s 80th Birthday

  • Best of the Web for MLK – we handpicked the best MLK resources from across the Internet
  • Video of the “I Have a Dream” speech
  • MLK biography
  • Shmoop’s fresh coverage of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.