May These 6 Star Wars Facts Be With You

Posted by Shmoop on 5/1/19, 12:53 PM

May 4th is this weekend, which means Star Wars fans across the galaxy are getting ready to hashtag like crazy: #maythefourthbewithyou. But what about the people who've never found the fifteen-and-a-half hours to watch all seven Star Wars movies? Worry, do not. We've got you covered. These facts will impress even your friends who wear shirts that say "Han Shot First."

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6 Star Wars Facts for May the 4th

Trigger Happy

What did we mean by "Han Shot First"? One of the most contentious debates in the Star Wars universe is "Who Shot First?" Not an Abbott & Costello routine, but an argument about who pulled the trigger in a bar fight: Han Solo or Greedo the Bounty Hunter. In the 1977 cut, Han Solo shoots Greedo from under the table without giving the bounty hunter warning or a chance to fight back. In the George Lucas-ified Special Editions, Greedo shoots first and Han's blast is in self-defense. Discuss.

Ewok to Remember

Most of the Ewoks' speech is based on Kalmuck, a Chinese tribal language. The rest is Tagalog, a language spoken primarily in the Philippines. If you understood what those furry little guys were saying, congrats—your Tagalog and Kalmuck are coming along nicely. Props to Rosetta Stone.

No Hope

Star Wars came out in 1977 and was retitled Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 1978, when George Lucas envisioned sequels and prequels for his galactic universe. Considering the first prequel, The Phantom Menace, would be released twenty-one years later, that's pretty impressive planning. Type A much? Or maybe he was just anticipating George Lucas: A New Paycheck

Grandpa Luke?

Luke Skywalker went through several changes while Lucas drafted Star Wars. At different points of the writing process, Luke was a girl, a 65-year-old military general, and a guy by the name of Luke Starkiller. Hardly an appropriate name for a peace-loving Jedi

Harrison Ford Strikes Back

Although it went on to become one of the Star Wars series' most iconic lines, Han Solo's "I know" wasn't part of the script: it was improvised by actor Harrison Ford, who was unsatisfied with the written line, a simple "I love you, too." We like to think he was saving the ILY for us. #ashmoophope

Say Cheese

The squelchy noises Jabba the Hutt makes when he moves were created by a sound tech running his fingers through a cheese casserole. That makes Jabba the Pizza Hutt sound a lot less appetizing.

Now get back to studying for APs. Regardless of what Yoda says, there is try.


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"May the force be with you."

~ Star Wars

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