Why did they read The Great Gatsby at the Royal Wedding?

Posted by Shmoop on 11/16/18 12:25 PM
Lack-of-self-awareness should be a SuperPower, don't you think? Adverbially named Stan Lee was working on a Narcissus paradigm before his untimely death at 95. So when Eugenie had this passage from The Great Gatsby read at her Royal Wedding to Jack, tongues either wagged or remained pressed firmly in cheek. 
Well, read it, for starters. The most gorgeous writings live in Gatsby. Every paragraph is either Angelina in her early 20s or Thor or his brother, pre-MalibuMiley fires. So here it is:
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To Kill A Mockingbird is still winning literary contests. Why?

Posted by Shmoop on 11/15/18 4:12 PM
Attempted murder.... of a kid. Child rape. Incest. Violent alcoholism. Racism redux. Sounds like the evening news, right? Or maybe the plot for Stephen King's next novel. Or just another day in Somalia. But no. These edge-kissing sub-topics are core elements of what was just voted the most beloved novel of all time, read by 12 year olds all around the globe— "To Kill A Mockingbird."
PBS just polled (monkey-surveyed if you found them online) - and readers spoke. TKAM officially won the 100 meter Best Literature contest at the LitOlympics. If you don't remember the book's edges, let us refresh: It's the story of Scout, a little girl growing up in the Deep South, who witnesses racial injustice and the eventual accusation and murder of a black man for a crime he did not commit. 
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Monopolies can be good if you own one. Here's how to get there.

Posted by David Siminoff on 11/15/18 4:08 PM

They switched mailing addresses. Headquarters. The dazzling headline was basically "About A Third Of The Top 500 Execs Are Moving To The East Coast" - and a sub-titled "Into Two Buildings". That was more or less the crux of the story. Huge screamy national news. Sorta of the same global import as the Normandy Beach storming, right? 

That's how big Amazon has become. That's how powerful they are. Are they a monopoly now? Are they that good? ("Yes, monopolies are in fact good if you own one." - Bill Gates) But of course they're not a monopoly .. yet. Maybe they have a call option on being one. David Faber is even threatening to do a story on them: The Amazon Generation (when he produced for CNBD The Wal Mart Generation, it was within 5 minutes of WMT's peak).

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Shmoop Helps Indio High Schoolers Boost ACT Scores

Posted by Shmoop on 5/30/13 12:48 PM

Improving student test scores on the ACT* exam may not be as difficult as it can seem. As it turns out, the recipe for success could be as simple as one short step: “Just add Shmoop.”

At Indio High School in Indio, California, Assistant Principal Charles Mazet has noticed some striking improvements in ACT exam performance since Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, was first introduced to classrooms. Students also look taller, seem to have developed better posture, and appear to have shinier hair.

(Disclaimer: Not directly related to the use of Shmoop, although it probably doesn't hurt.)

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Shmoop Explains Literary Critics in New Educational Guides

Posted by Shmoop on 5/23/13 10:04 AM

It’s no secret: literary critics are tough nuts to crack. Most of them are long gone, and all they’ve left behind is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that even the most intellectual tweed-wearer has a tough time deciphering. But these smartypants brought about new ways of reading old books, and they’re definitely worth a closer look.

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Shmoop Offers New Self-Serve System

Posted by Shmoop on 4/25/13 10:29 AM

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when a person patronizing a frozen yogurt establishment would have to ask some goober behind the counter to prepare their dessert for them. Now, of course, one can fill their cup with whatever (and as many) flavors as they desire, load it up with a sickening combination of Butterfinger, gummy worms and Cap’n Crunch cereal, and then top it off with a half-pint of caramel syrup. Mmm … freedom is delicious.

The point is that things are simply better when it can be done without anyone else butting in. One gets that warm, comforting sense of accomplishment, and can revel in the convenience and flexibility of his or her own decision-making.

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Shmoop Named Finalist in SIIA Innovation Incubator Program

Posted by Shmoop on 4/23/13 8:48 AM

An incubator doesn’t only hatch chickens. It also hatches ideas. Of course, ideas require less electrically controlled heat, so it’s gentler on the utility bill.

No one understands the importance of warmly nurturing hatchlings like the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). The association’s Innovation Incubator Program is designed to shine a spotlight on companies that are excelling in educating students with the use of new technologies, and to recognize and reward companies for valuable accomplishments.

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Shmoop Has AP Tests Quaking in Boots

Posted by Shmoop on 4/18/13 10:40 AM

Those pesky AP® tests are back. Like a many-headed hydra, AP season is poised and ready to attack, trying to sabotage students with its wily ways… but 20 heads aren’t necessarily better than one.

Students can now slay the beast with access to a wealth of valuable AP guides and test prep materials. Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, is offering test-takers everything they need to make those exams get down on their scaly knees and beg for mercy.

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Shmoop Announces Opening of Online Store

Posted by Shmoop on 4/16/13 9:48 AM

Who goes to an actual store these days? The crowded aisles. The limited inventory. The long lines. The person at the front counting singles or fumbling with his change purse. Really? Hey buddy, it’s called a debit card.

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Shmoop Adds Video To Their Teacher Resource Offering

Posted by Shmoop on 3/19/13 11:28 AM

Some may recall that their favorite days of school were those on which they entered their classroom to find a TV cart stationed near the chalkboard. Instead of listening to a long, mind-numbing lecture, it was time for a video. Also, there was probably a substitute teacher. Bonus.

Of course, not all lectures are snooze-fests. But if the only thing kids did all day was sit and listen to instructors chatter at them, it would get old fast.

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