Ryan Review - School's (Almost) Out! 5 Sunburn-Free Summer Activities

Posted by Shmoop on 6/11/19 4:17 PM

What time is it? Assuming our calendars aren't lying to us, it's summertime! 

Now is a perfectly acceptable moment to bust out your High School Musical moves as you dance out of the classroom and into the sun. Or into the overcast humidity, depending on where you live.

summer activities

What's on your summer bucket list this year? Road trips, pool parties, and movie marathons? Retail jobs, family reunions, and babysitting? Whatever you have planned, spice it up with some Shmoop summer goodies.

 School's (Almost) Out! 5 Sunburn-Free
Summer Activities

1. Browse Classics with a Twist

Thought you knew the classics? You may be surprised to learn about The Lord of the Fries, a harrowing tale of pre-teen boys stranded in a fast food restaurant. Or Shakespeare's Comedy of Terrors, a lighthearted comedy supported by a cast of of havoc-wreaking zombies.

2. Launch into Driver's Ed

Your mom called. She's getting tired of being your chauffeur. Check out our Driver's Ed pages to see the driving rules in your state, check out driving tips and tricks, and learn how to avoid tickets, accidents, and sketchy hitchhikers. 

3. Spruce up on Seuss

Communism, anarchy, and single parenthood. Sound like the themes from a Russian tragedy? Try The Cat In The Hat. If the last time you read Dr. Seuss was during pre-school, it's time for a refresher. While you're at it, grab a friend and compete for the high score in the new hit game, Fox in Socks.


Who is Seuss?


4. Become a Mythology Star

Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Celtic...whatever type of mythology you want to dive into, we're here to help. Next time your friends start discussing Thor and Loki from the Avengers, you can casually slip in a reference to Aegir. (Just don't be too condescending. You don't want to become a pain in the Asgard.)

5. Brainstorm Careers

Yeah, we know. Career planning isn't the sexiest—or summeriest—item on this list. But, like Clark Kent ditching the nerd glasses and turning into Superman, there's a certain thrill to figuring out what you love, and learning how to turn it into a lifestyle.

There's lots more where that came from, and we're excited to keep hanging out this summer. Let us know what you're up to on Facebook or Twitter.

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Shmoop Quote 

"The summer months passed while I was thus engaged, heart and soul, in one pursuit. It was a most beautiful season..."

~ Frankenstein

What's your one summer pursuit? If it involves mad science, please reanimate life responsibly.

For more memorable quotes, visit our quotes page

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