5 Tips for Conquering Procrastination

Posted by Shmoop on 2/26/19 11:23 AM

We dare you to list a hundred things that are more exciting than studying.

Nope. Stop. That was a trick.

You were supposed to say, "I'm too busy studying to play your stupid game." But you didn't. So...if you're worried that your procrastination skills are sharper than your study skills, then this one's for you.

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Valentine's Day is Coming—8 Epic Romances from Every Subject

Posted by Shmoop on 2/7/19 11:52 AM
Valentine's Day  is on the horizon, and it's time we recognize that love, actually, is all around us. Okay, so we stole that line, but it's true. Epic romances aren't just for   Sam and Diane: you can find 'em in every single subject. So for the lovers, the lonely, and the folks who just prefer to go stag, we have a list of 8 epic romances to get you in the V-Day mood.

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