Monopolies can be good if you own one. Here's how to get there.

Posted by David Siminoff on 11/15/18 4:08 PM

They switched mailing addresses. Headquarters. The dazzling headline was basically "About A Third Of The Top 500 Execs Are Moving To The East Coast" - and a sub-titled "Into Two Buildings". That was more or less the crux of the story. Huge screamy national news. Sorta of the same global import as the Normandy Beach storming, right? 

That's how big Amazon has become. That's how powerful they are. Are they a monopoly now? Are they that good? ("Yes, monopolies are in fact good if you own one." - Bill Gates) But of course they're not a monopoly .. yet. Maybe they have a call option on being one. David Faber is even threatening to do a story on them: The Amazon Generation (when he produced for CNBD The Wal Mart Generation, it was within 5 minutes of WMT's peak).

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