The Lion King Wins It All in Movie March Madness

We have a winner.

He’s the king of the jungle. He’s the king of the pride. And now, he’s the king of Shmoop’s Movie March Madness.

The Lion King came out ahead of The Godfather in this weekend’s final match-up. The Corleone family might rule the streets of New York, but our Shmoopers were feeling the love for Simba and his animated animal friends.

Our advice to the Godfather for coping with the second-place finish? Hakuna Matata.

Movie March Madness: Championship Round

We’re just one step away from crowning our champion, folks.

Two classic movies face off in our final round of Movie March Madness. Who will you choose—the king of the animal kingdom or the king of the most notorious crime family in pop culture?

Cast your vote by Monday, April 2nd at 9a.m. PT. We’ll reveal the winner on Monday afternoon before the basketball players take the court.


Championship Round

Movie March Madness: Final Four

Finally, it’s the Final Four. Who will be the last two movies standing?

Will Simba be king of the Cartoons vs. Comedies match up? Will The Godfather have the edge because the shark already sleeps with the fishes?

Vote your hearts out, folks.


Comedies vs. Cartoons


Scary Movies vs. Dramas


Movie March Madness: Elite Eight

Shmoop’s Movie March Madness is back, and the results are in. Did your picks impress the movie critics and land a spot in the Elite Eight?

Toy Story fans can celebrate after Woody and co. snagged a landslide win, taking home 65% of the votes over Aladdin. The Genie must have been out of the office (er, lamp) this week.

On the flip side, one scary movie match-up was scary close: Jaws got the win with just two points over The Sixth Sense. Cole might see dead people, but live sharks must be out of his wheelhouse.

Don’t forget to cast your vote again to help move your faves forward. The Final Four will be announced on Monday, and you’re gonna want to be there.




Scary Movies


Movie March Madness: Sweet Sixteen

The first weekend of March Madness is in the books—the history books, thanks to some major upsets. All the madness has inspired us to join in the fun with Shmoop’s own take on March Madness. While we may not be skilled enough to dunk a basketball, we do know a thing or two about movies.

Enter: Shmoop’s Movie March Madness.

We’ve set up a Sweet Sixteen lineup featuring some of Shmoop’s fave flicks. Now we need you to weigh in and vote for your favorite in each match-up. You have until Thursday (March 22nd) to vote for your top picks. Then while you watch the next round of basketball unfold, come back here to see which of your movies made it to the next round!



Scary Movies


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Takes Home the Championship

As you get ready for tonight’s and tomorrow’s NCAA championship games, we’re here to present to you the winner of Shakespeare’s Sweet Sixteen.

It was a bloody finish. First, Henry IV Part 1 took out All’s Well that Ends Well in a blowout victory that shocked the pundits. Then—and we’re not sure if it was the love juice, the kooky cast of characters, or Puck’s final speech—something wowed our thousands of voters, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream took home the trophy.


Let’s celebrate this dramatic victory extravagantly—after all, you can never have too much of a good thing when it comes to Shakespeare.

What’s your take on the results? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #Shakespeare16.

Big Upset in Shakespeare’s Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen plays began the battle, and now only eight remain. Vote to your heart’s content to keep your horse in the running and protect your bracket. The winner is far from a foregone conclusion.


Check back in next week to see who advanced!