How Do I Get Into The University of Pennsylvania?

Posted by Shmoop on 4/9/19 12:13 PM

Founded by none other than Benjamin Franklin, the University of Pennsylvania (a.k.a UPenn or Penn) is an Ivy League school with a reputation for serious scholarship.

 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Analysis

If you feel like you can keep up with some of the world's brightest (and you're a Shmoop reader, so the odds are in your favor), then Penn might be the school for you. Getting into this top-dog Ivy, though, is no small feat. You're going to need smarts, writing skills, stellar extracurriculars, great relationships with your teachers, a close personal relationship with Felicity Huffman, and a beautifully designed, informative website that provides life-altering information for potential college applicants (Who? Us? Aww, don't make us blush). 


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