5 Foolproof* Ways to Score a 5 on Your AP Exams

Posted by Shmoop on 3/12/19 11:10 AM

 'Tis the season to be panicky. Yep, we're talking about AP® Season. But you can beat the anxiety. And you can do it without prescription medication. 


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7 Things That Are Less Fun Than Taking the SAT

Posted by Shmoop on 3/6/19 11:35 AM

We know, we know. Test day is the worst. But reality check: it could be way worse. Like...you could have to take the test while running a marathon with your feet tied to cheese graters.

While you prepare to take the SAT® this Saturday, here's a list of equally-bad-or-worse activities you could have on your to-do list. We hope they'll put things in perspective.

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Last Minute Cram Session for the SAT

Posted by Shmoop on 2/20/19 12:11 PM

The next SAT test date is March 9th, 2019, which means it's time to enter "cramming mode". We've got some advice on how to crush the SAT with some tips you'll be able to put directly on your calendar.

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SAT Test Reminder—March 9th

Posted by Shmoop on 2/20/19 9:55 AM
A little bird told us there's an SAT test coming up. And look...we trust this bird. He has no reason to lie to us. 

  • SAT Test Date: March 9th 
  • Start Time: 8 a.m. (recommended 7:45 a.m. arrival)
  • Scores available March 22nd 
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ACT Test Reminder—February 9th

Posted by Shmoop on 2/6/19 7:19 AM
Listen up, folks. This is a friendly Shmoop reminder that there's an ACT test coming up. (We know, we know. Try to contain your excitement.)

  • ACT Test Date: February 9th
  • Start Time: 8 a.m. (recommended 7:45 a.m. arrival)
  • Scores available February 20th
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5 Reasons AP Computer Science Principles Isn't What You'd Expect

Posted by Shmoop on 2/1/19 7:00 AM

If you're looking for a career that won't be replaced by a robot, you're gonna need to have a handle on computer science. But it's not just about knowing the nitty-gritty of programming; in fact, theory can be the best place to start. That's why we're here to help you nail the AP® Computer Science Principles exam

But before you get to studying, let's take a look at what sets this exam apart.

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How do I get a perfect score on the SAT?

Posted by Shmoop on 1/29/19 1:04 PM

Dorothy Parker had it right when she demanded tangible, lasting perfection, rather than some dinky, moribund flower. When her lover gave her a perfect rose as a token of his love, she quipped:

Why is it no one ever sent me yet
One perfect limousine, do you suppose?
Ah no, it's always just my luck to get
One perfect rose.

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2019 ACT, SAT, and AP Test Schedule

Posted by Shmoop on 1/8/19 8:00 AM

Death, taxes, and standardized tests—all certainties of life we would rather avoid. Shmoop is here to help you face your fears, at least as far as standardized testing is concerned.

Sayonara 2018 test schedule. Here is the 2019 ACT, SAT, and AP important date schedule free to download. Save the dates, create your study plan, hop on Shmoop, and let's get those scores up. 

According to the joyful cheers, smiles, and increased scores of our 2018 test takers, there's nothing to be afraid of. 

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