The AP Seder Plate

Posted by Shmoop on 4/16/19 12:45 PM

This Friday is the beginning of Passover and we're celebrating...while we study for the APs that kick off in just a few weeks. Shalom. 


Modern Jews celebrate Passover with a Seder—a ceremonial dinner—which commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. During the Seder, the Seder plate holds various symbolic foodstuffs and plays a big part in the rituals.

So while we were procrastinating—er, getting hyped—we decided to see which APs would fit on the Seder plate. Here's what we came up with.

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6 Fun Tax-Related Facts

Posted by Shmoop on 4/10/19 12:36 PM

It's April. We've turned our clocks forward and eaten Creme Eggs 'til we puked, but it doesn't feel like spring has truly sprung until the first tender growth bursts from the frozen ground, claws its way out of the soil, and takes about a third of your income.


We're talking about the IRSWhat is the IRS?



The tax deadline's coming up, but to help you procrastinate until the absolute last minute, we've compiled a list of tax-related fun facts that you don't have to declare on your 1040EZ.  

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17-minute Distractions for APs

Posted by Shmoop on 4/3/19 12:17 PM

AP® exam week can leave you feeling like a hamster that's had its feet hot-glued to an exercise wheel. do you make it through the AP week coming up? Our suggestion: treat your studying like it's a real job.

Uh, no, we're not going to pay you to study. What we mean is that you should approach studying the same way most productive employees approach their work. In 2014, a study found that people are most productive when they work for 52 minutes and then take a 17-minute break. (Talk about specific.)

Drawing a blank on what to do during your breaks? We came up with ideas for productive(ish) 17-minute distractions for each of the remaining APs.

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12 April Fools' Day Tricks from History

Posted by Shmoop on 4/1/19 10:30 AM

April Fools' Day has a long, storied history. Archeologists recently discovered a cave painting in western Asia depicting a caveman dressed in the skin of a saber-toothed tiger sneaking up on another to scare him for laughs. Dating back to 38,000 BCE, this prank began an annual tradition roughly translated into English as Stupid Tiger Day. 

The yearly ritual of tricking our friends, neighbors, and younger siblings has thrived for millennia since. And in recent years, it has taught us a valuable lesson: you shouldn't trust a single thing you read on the internet.

So, before you start planning your pranks for Monday, let's look back at some famous tricks, gags, and general April Foolery throughout history. 

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Crunch-time ACT Tips

Posted by Shmoop on 3/28/19 12:09 PM

Our calendars are telling us that a few Saturdays from now will be a big day for a bunch of you. That's right: it's ACT test day.

With a couple weeks left to study, you probably know everything there is to know about the content of the exam (...right?), so we're here to arm you with five Shmoop-certified tips to ACE the ACT:

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7 Classic Books Brought to Life

Posted by Shmoop on 3/21/19 11:44 AM

Ever wondered what Jay Gatsby looks like when he isn't being played by Leo? Trying to map Holden's travels in The Catcher in the Rye? Not sure what a Nazgûl actually is? Shmoop infographics have all the answers.

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5 Things to Know About Purim

Posted by Shmoop on 3/19/19 11:00 AM

Everyone's pretty solid on what Easter is all about: Jesus and bunnies. But fewer people know the deal with Purim. (Spoiler alert: it's not just "Jewish Halloween.") So, as per uzh, we're here to fill you in. Here's the rundown.

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5 Foolproof* Ways to Score a 5 on Your AP Exams

Posted by Shmoop on 3/12/19 11:10 AM

 'Tis the season to be panicky. Yep, we're talking about AP® Season. But you can beat the anxiety. And you can do it without prescription medication. 


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7 Things That Are Less Fun Than Taking the SAT

Posted by Shmoop on 3/6/19 11:35 AM

We know, we know. Test day is the worst. But reality check: it could be way worse. could have to take the test while running a marathon with your feet tied to cheese graters.

While you prepare to take the SAT® this Saturday, here's a list of equally-bad-or-worse activities you could have on your to-do list. We hope they'll put things in perspective.

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10 Women Who Changed U.S. History

Posted by Shmoop on 3/5/19 11:00 AM

If you've been forgetting your weekly #WCW or you missed out on your Galentine's Day brunch, then you're in luck. March means Women's History Month, so you have a full thirty-one days to make up for your slacktivism. 

While there are obviously more than enough women to fill the whole month (plus every other month from now until the end of time), we want to highlight just a few. They might not all agree when it comes to ideology—and you might not agree with them—but they do have one thing in common: they're women warriors. 

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