7 Things That Are Less Fun Than Taking the SAT

Posted by Shmoop on 3/6/19 11:35 AM

We know, we know. Test day is the worst. But reality check: it could be way worse. Like...you could have to take the test while running a marathon with your feet tied to cheese graters.

While you prepare to take the SAT® this Saturday, here's a list of equally-bad-or-worse activities you could have on your to-do list. We hope they'll put things in perspective.


7 Things That Are Less Fun Than Taking the SAT

1. Working in an early-1900s slaughterhouse

Seriously, even a summary of the details is enough to make you squeamish.  

2. Digging holes all day, every day

We’re exhausted just reading about it.

3. Reading Clarissa from beginning to end

It might be worth it in the end, but imagine trying to read this doorstop in one sitting.

4. Solving 274,939,247 ÷ 359,809 by hand

No, really—without a calculator. The SAT Math section is looking a bit better now, huh?

5. Hearing the dentist say, "Oops!"

Ouch. And when Dr. Dentist has all those sharp tools in your mouth, don’t even think about asking what happened.

6. Having a day as bad as Alexander's

Gum in your hair, a cavity, and nothing good on TV? Way worse than a four-hour test.  

7. Finding out that your wife is actually your mother

Oof. Well, at least he didn't kill his dad. Oh wait.


Feeling better about taking the SAT yet? If you need a little more preparation before the test, head on over to our SAT Exam Prep resources here.


Shmoop Quote

“I think I’ll move to Australia.”

~ Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Things won't be better Down Under. Might as well just stay put.

To see more famous quotes, checkout our Quotes page.

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