Valentine's Day is Coming—8 Epic Romances from Every Subject

Posted by Shmoop on 2/7/19 11:52 AM
Valentine's Day is on the horizon, and it's time we recognize that love, actually, is all around us. Okay, so we stole that line, but it's true. Epic romances aren't just for Sam and Diane: you can find 'em in every single subject. So for the lovers, the lonely, and the folks who just prefer to go stag, we have a list of 8 epic romances to get you in the V-Day mood.

Shmoop Valentine's Day

8 Epic Romances from Every Subject

1. Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester

Jane Eyre gives us hope that we, too, will win the Powerball and the hand of an ugly, mean-spirited, manipulative, bigamist who's twice our age...and live happily ever after.

2. WALL-E and EVE

Although we constantly fear the day when robots will inevitably turn against us, WALL-E and EVE give us a glimmer of hope that these electric beings will bring love, not war.

3. X and Zero

Love knows no limits, making this one of the most romantic mathematic equations of all time. As Mean Girls reminds us, "the limit does not exist." But that won't stop x from approaching zero from now until eternity.

4. Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

She wrote sonnets like "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." He wrote poems about strangling women to death with their own hair. It was a match made in heaven.

5. Hydrogen and Oxygen

Love can make your palms sweat, and it can even bring you to tears. None of that would happen without the covalent bond of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, a.k.a. H20 or water. They're eternally inseparable, and without these three (chemical) musketeers, none of us would be alive.

6. Charles Kane and Rosebud

'Tis better to have sledded and lost than never to have sledded at all.

7. David Bowie and Outer Space

From "Life on Mars?" to "Space Oddity" to the movie The Man Who Fell to Earth, David Bowie (R.I.P.) was out of this world. He inspired us to find love and life outside our comfort zone—and maybe outside our own galaxy.

8. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Queen Victoria was so devastated when Albert died of typhoid fever in the very room where they met that she dressed in black mourning attire for the rest of her life—over 40 years. At least she didn't have trouble coordinating her outfits.

Here's to finding love this year—even if it's just in science class. 

Quote of the Week

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning,"Sonnet 43" 

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